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Management for the best care


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The partnership has the necessary capacity to implement the project and produce the expected outcomes.


The activities and methodologies focus on the need analyses, national, regional and institutional priorities. We agreed to have a deeper understanding of each activity to ultize the most appropriate methodology. Our approach is to assure that each activity and methodology can create the greatest positive result and impact — and how each can derail our organization’s likelihood of success.

Each of the 8 WPs includes essential activites to achieve the expected outomes wich are creating



  1. WP1 Centres

  2. WP2 Web platform

  3. WP3 Course modules

  4. WP4 In-service training

  5. WP5 Capacity building

  6. WP6 Dissemination is one core set of activities

  7. WP 7 is to assure the sustainability of the project

  8. WP8. Quality control activities

  9. (WP8) are accompanying the above mentioned WPs


We will assure that key staff involved in the project have experience and expertise in areas related to the activities. The project will involves non-academic partners (enterprises) which will participate in the project and the roles and responsibilities of the participants are clear and well linked to the work phases and work packages and the development of outcomes to achieve the desired results. The work packages are led and co-led by partners according to their relevant expertise. This type of methodology allows partners to better engage and take ownership of the project.

LNU representing by professor Mosad Zineldin and his high skills team will be responsible for WP9  and will provide overall coordination, management (including financial), following up the activities and the achievements, monitoring and control of the project outputs and outcomes.


All other partners will also participate and cooperate with LNU to coordinate the overall project management and provide academic coordination and guidance on financial sides of the project.

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